Full Bleed Printing Proof–Up Close

Nexcards prints full bleed. So do most other professional printers. What does that really mean? Is it a good thing and if it is, why? I’ll attempt to answer these questions and more. Before the advent of full bleed printing, photographs and other printed matter had a defined white border or margin around the perimeter.  You... read more

Say More With Folded Business Cards

What if I said you could include double the information on a business card that shows the same 3.5 “x 2″ dimension as a regular business card? It’s doable on a folded business card.  This is simply a double high card (3.5″  x 4″) that folds in half to reveal a half sized footprint which... read more

Foiling and Embossing-High Impact Special Effects

These are two of the most striking special effects you can add to your card. Foiling, sometimes called foil stamp or hot foil, is a technique where actual foil is laid upon a design element or text resulting in a shimmering reflection. It’s quite dazzling in the light! Common colors are silver and gold. In... read more

Sample Form Fixed

We had an issue with our samples form and we apologize for anyone who has filled that out in the last two weeks or so.  Regretfully, we didn’t receive it.  It took several days for us to become aware that there was a problem and a couple repair attempts weer not successful. So it has... read more

What Are Translucent Business Cards?

Translucent is defined as diffused light or light that is partially filtered. So translucent business cards are done on a plastic material that is frosted. In fact, translucent business cards are often called frosted plastic business cards. You may purchase these in various “weights” or thicknesses.  For example, Nexcards offers these in a thin10pt and... read more

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