What Are Raised Spot UV Business Cards?

To define a raised Spot UV business card, we first need to discuss Spot UV business cards in general. In this technique, we highlight customer defined design elements and apply a gloss to those elements. For the best overall look and feel, we do this on a matte high-end silk laminated card. This way, we... read more

How To Create a QR Code Within Nexcards

Registered Nexcards customers can now create a QR code to put on your business card. You’ll get amazing conversions if you do this right. Here’s a “how to” video. So there you have it. It’s easy to create a QR code. If you have any questions, just drop us an email (see the contact us).   ... read more

How to Quickly Design and Order a Nexcards Business Card

This will help you upload or create a card in our Print Shop. If you are on Nexcards.com, you need to click the center “Go To Print Shop” banner. View the different card options and choose one. Next you will see three choices, Upload Your Design, Custom Design and Browse Templates. Remember, even thought the... read more

Nexcards Collaborates with Logo Design Team

Nexcards is proud to announce an affiliation with Logo Design Team. The company will handle all our logo work, freeing our design team to concentrate on all other facets of card creation. We looked at many logo creative teams before we chose Logo Design Team.  This company simply offered more for the money. Different logo design... read more

Raised Print Business Cards Update

We have finished updating our on-line card creator that allows our raised print customers to design their cards on-line with more options. (This technique is sometime called raised ink.) You can now pick up to two ink colors for your piece from the twelve colors available. Also, you can choose from many card stocks, not... read more

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