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“Let’s be honest, I don’t think it’s natural for any human being to walk up to another and strike up a conversation. It’s just not built into our DNA. Me, I think I’m one of the world’s most social people, but approaching someone at a convention still feels like I’m throwing out a pick-up line at a bar: “How you doing?? (Channeling my inner Joey Tribbiani there.)

Realize this: Everyone feels the same way you do. So simplify it. Say, “Hi, I am (Insert Your Name Here). I don’t know a soul here, how about you?? Then ask for their business card and give them one in return. Ask them where they work, why they came to the conference, if they have any kids, how long they’ve worked in the industry, or whatever you think might put them at ease. One thing I learned from my dad was the most interesting person in the room is the one you are talking with.”

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