Customer Testimonials

I used for the first time this past week and was amazed by the excellent service.  I was having trouble editing the photo design I wanted to use. It was late at night and I was in a rush so I placed my order. Early the next morning with buyers remorse and my tail between my legs I called to see if something could be done about the design.  Fortunately Mel answered the phone and said they had not started on my order yet and she would be happy to work with me on correcting the problem.  As it turns out, I was terrible with the editing and Mel was great.  She cleaned up the problem and even enhanced things I didn’t know could be changed.  She quickly sent me some proofs to approve that looked amazing.  I can’t wait to get my new business cards. Thanks Mel and”
Laura PT, COMT – Oakland, CA

“I have been counting the days to the arrival of my business cards. They arrived today and I must say that NexCards has surpassed my expectations. In my wildest dreams I would have never thought that my business cards would turn out so sleek, amazing, eye-popping and yet so professional.  Many thanks to you and your staff. I can’t wait for the next project.”
Nicole McKinney – Owner, Maid to Clean

“HOLY FUDGE CAKES! they LOOK AMAZING! the High Gloss on the ring LOOKS…I’m speechless..nicest cards client will be thilled im sure…”
Tyson Kopeck-On-site Sign Group

“The art of customer service is dying – you see it everywhere you shop these days.  Not so at NexCards.  I am truly impressed.  Kudos to you, your staff and the owners for creating an environment that strives for and achieves perfection.  My client will be so amazed, and that makes me look good; the truth is that YOU make me look good.  I will be recommending you to everyone I encounter, and plan on ordering more business cards very shortly.  These are truly exquisite, unique cards that exude professionalism.”
David Cripe, Graphic Designer – Tucson, AZ

“FYI, I’ve recommended you to a couple of people at my office who were looking for cards.  They were planning on using Vista Print, which I’ve tried and disliked.”
Paul Koch, Infovision - San Marcos, CA

 ”They look FANTASTIC! I’m already showing them off… Will contact you about getting the cards for the rest of the (non-acupuncture) practice.”
Thanks, Joe

“Just a quick note of thanks, for an outstanding job on the cards. They are beautiful – high end for sure. Much appreciated, will be in touch.”
David Swanson CEO - Optimus Companies

“I have looked around for a cost effective high quality card for months and once I received my new cards I was blown away. The card exceeds the hot factor and uniqueness we have been looking for. So much that after seeing our new cards our clients are ordering from you as well. We will be a repeat customer for a long time and a referral for our clients. Great work and great customer service!
Ben Olson, 3 Monkeys & Aardvark Studios

“The Fedex guy came just as I was reading this. The cards look great. Thanks so much.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends.”

“They have arrived and I’m so pleased with them. Thanks for all your help.”

“Thank you very much. You are very professional in handling this situation. I will works towards printing the rest of our company’s cards with your company.”
V. Yee

“Sorry I have not had a chance to write sooner. The cards are amazing!  Absolutely perfect! I am recommending your company to the other students and instructors so hopefully more business will come your way. Your gray is amazing and consistent. Thank you for all your help and hard work. I will definitely continue  to order my cards from you as I run out. Please stay in business!!”
V. Hernandez

“My client is thrilled with his new cards.  Thank you!”
Jacque-JVideo Productions

“The cards were beyond my expectations and I would like to extend my personal thanks for ensuring not a detail was  over looked during the designing process. Thanks again nexcards, you will definitely hear from samurailabs again.”
Stuart, Samuailabs

“Thank you for all your help.  It is a great sign when a company goes out of their way to make sure their product is great.  I look forward to the cards and working with you in the future.”
Christopher Bantum, Blue Robin Designs, LLC

“This is from my client Christina: ‘I received the cards  – they are fabulous!  I love the stock you chose (semi-gloss) and the glossy spots, which really make it pop!  Thank you soooooooo Much, I am very happy!’”

“I just received my new business cards. Excellent! They are eye catching and professional, just as I had envisioned. I didn’t expect the gloss finish, on both sides! I am very satisfied with the finished product. Thank you for the logo design help and your patience.”
Sue DeShaw – Eye Bye Homes, LLC

“I am currently stationed in Iraq and bought some poly frost business cards. I have to say they are awesome. I was so impressed how they came out. They made me say ‘WOW’ when I opened the box. It was the exact design I submitted and it will hold up even in the harsh environment like Iraq. My rating is 5 out of 5 and I will be doing more business in the future.”
David Cornell, APO AE

“I just got the cards and they look amazing. I will recommend your company to everyone I know. Thanks for such a fast and great job.”
David Navarro, – Miami, FL

“The cards are GREAT! You should put testimonials on your front page to ease concerns such as the ones I had. I only wish I had ordered 500 of my card versus 200.”
Silas Sutton, Hang-Tek Inc. – South Haven, MI

“I am blown away! I just received my business cards. WOW. My expectations were high, but I didn’t expect this result! I have no issues whatsoever! I am still in awe. The price was right, quality and quantity was unreal, coupon offer, and the early turnaround was awesome! I would HIGHLY recommend NexCards to friends and family. And thank you for all the great customer service…I look forward to doing more business in the future.”
Russ Thomas, Management Consultant – Shrewsbury, MA

“I just got the business cards 10 minutes ago. I love them, they are really cool! Thank you for your help, I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.”
Daisy Garcia Fatah, The Hairapist Salon – San Francisco, CA

“The cards came today and they look great. I wanted to thank you so much for helping us out…I really appreciate it.”
Andrew Schaefer, Andrew & Jessica Photography – Denver, CO

“Thank you for the personal attention on my order. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, and I’m sure I will be returning for more in the near future as my business grows!”
Ben Mears, Living Visions Media – Irvine, CA

“Hey!! The cards look great!! Great customer service and great prints! I’ll be referring a few more orders to you soon. Thanks alot!!”
Jeffrey Joslin, Musician – Murfreesboro, TN

“They are beautiful.”
Ian Wallach, Wallach Law Offices, P.C. – Marina del Rey, CA

“I received the business cards today – they look great! Thank you very much!”
Danielle Cull, Globe Cartographics Inc – Port Melbourne, Australia

“Got them. They look great. Thanks!”
Roderick Fenske, Steamroller Productions – Los Angeles, CA

“Just letting you know that we received the set of cards and as always, they’re perfect. Thanks again for everything. I’ll be keeping in touch as our staff grows.”
Joseph V. Samuels, Democratica Inc. – Atlanta, GA

“I just wanted to let you know that our business cards turned out great. Thank you for being able to do that for us. We’ll definitely be using you again in the future.”
Trent Coldren, Automotive Masters LLC – Lancaster, PA

“Thanks for your patience and assistance!”
Susan Maibach, Ultinate Sound Security - Keyport, NJ

“I had gone through the website (w/ thousands of designs) and could not find the basic card I wanted so I called their 800 number. WOW! They hand held me through the whole process and really went above and beyond in getting me different colors and designs to choose from. I can’t say enough about Nexcards and how great they were in every step of the process and plan on using them now and into the future. I will def. be passing my friends and family this way as well.”
Erin Caviness, Management Consultant - Philadelphia, PA

“Wow! Looks great! Incredible! I am SO impressed!”
Barbara Joyce Densmore, - Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve got the package with the business cards this morning and I would like to thank you for your help and for doing a great job. I took the cards to my client this afternoon and he also was very pleased with the printing quality.”
Pedro Bettitini, Bett Creative, Inc. – Miami, FL

“The package arrived yesterday evening, love the quality – thank you!”
Chip German, Lucid Automation - Tustin, CA

“Received the new cards and they look great! Thanks for your follow thru with this order, we will be ordering again!”
William Witrak, National Custom Insignia, Inc. – Palm Harbor, FL

“They look super!! I am very impressed. I will be in touch shortly to place a larger order. Thanks!!!”
Julie Gray, Gray Scale Studios, Inc. – Chicago, IL

“I got them today — worked out perfectly. They look great, too. Thank you!!”
John Emerson, Vortex Debt Group - Melbourne, FL

“Both jobs look outstanding! thank you, we will be doing more business soon!”
Rob Casillas, Monsoon Group of Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV

“Outstanding job!!! I am very happy with the card quality and your promptness! We look forward to doing business with you in the future. Please forward new billing for repeat customers and reorders!”
Ron Gantt, Redline Staffing Inc. – Raleigh, NC

“I received the cards yesterday. They look great. Thanks a lot again for staying on top of it. I’ll be in touch.”
Lou Babulik, Lubo Systems, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA

“I just received the business cards and they are GREAT ! I want to place an order for another batch”
Ruben Parra, – Miami, FL

“We got our cards today, and we’re VERY impressed with the quality!”
Alice Williams, Center for Teaching Quality - Hillsborough, NC

“Thanks. We just received the Advanced business cards and they are brilliant. Never seen such a bold card in my hands. We will certainly continue ordering our cards from you.”
Charles Deppit, Panda Realty Corp. – New York, NY

“I wish to simply say thank you. I have recently ordered several sets of business cards for franchisees and your service, output quality and timelines of finished product arrival has just been superb.”
Robert Carter, BFC - San Diego, CA

“Perfect! It was my first experience with ordering print products over the internet and you have made it a pleasure and so easy.”
Libby Chang, Intervest Corporation - Wilmington, DE

“Thank you so very much for my fabulous business cards! I have to tell you, I have been receiving nothing but glowing and positive comments….the colors are so vibrant and the silk feel and look of the card is outstanding! With our exceptional business cards, our first impression is amazing!”
Samara Mendoza, By Design Events, Inc. - Germantown, MD

“Wonderful cards. I’m happy to deal with you. We had been quoted more than 4 times the amount you charged for similar quality.”
Lori Aleksiewicz - Prospect, CT

“I received my cards the other day and am writing to say a big THANK YOU! Not only are they beautiful and shiny and very professional-looking, but the design I created on your site came out perfectly on print. The order was dispatched promptly and I’m very happy with the product.”
Nina Theodoropoulos - Irvington, NY

“Just got the cards today.  THEY LOOK GREAT!  Thanks for your time.  I hope I can get the rest of the files set up this week.  I want to place the full order soon.”
Mike Mead, A&W Products - Port Jervis, NY

“Thank you! The cards look great.”
Jim Johanik, TradeHelm Inc. - Tulsa, OK

“You guys really have great customer service!”
Jonas Huckestein, - Berkeley, CA

“I received my UPS package today and just wanted to let you know that those are the most amazing business cards I’ve ever seen. They turned out exactly how I wanted them too! Money well spent.”
Tate Uecker, AquaJive Interactive - Denver, CO

“My associates were astounded when I told them that I ordered my cards from the web. They marveled over the quality of the printing. I, of course, crowed about the incredible value (compared to my local printer and to another on-line card supplier) and the fact that I got treated like a real live person, not an order number. If you want to present your business as uniquely professional or creatively polished, this is the business card company that can help you. This has been (by far) my best web-shopping experience.?
Barbara Densmore, Professional Celebrant. – Los Angeles, CA

“I got the cards and just wanted to let you know they look great. Thanks for all your help and I will be sure to pass your name on to anyone I know looking for business cards.”
Daniel Painter, Welcott Logistics. – Birmingham, AL

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great job on Ron’s business cards. I just got the see them in person today and I am so happy with the job you guys did. I know that we presented you some challenges with the silver foil text and the superfine scripty logo — and it looks great.”
Jenna B.-Asheville and Beyond

“Just got the cards.  They are AMAZING!  Thank you so much for your beautiful work.  I will do business with you again. : )  You rock.
Cheris- www.CherisMusic .com

“The business cards came out great. Thank you!”
Carly @ impaktu

“Just got my cards in they look great will be suggesting you.”
Kyle LeDay

“Sorry for my late reply but I am extremely impressed and pleased with the service you have provided me! I just received the cards and I am 110% satisfied with it and I will most certainly re-order from your site again. Thank you again for the efficiency!”
Sabrina - The Sassy Foodophile

“Arrived today and biz cards are great! thank you. look forward to my next order for a future client and larger amount re-order before I run out of these.”
Brian Lawrence – blue32advertising

“Just got the cards, they look great. Thanks again, I’ll be sure to mention you guys to my friends.”

“I think that you did a great job. Thank you”
Cena – Coldwell Banker

“I appreciate your time and will continue to order from you for years. We are on our 6th year.”

Just wanted to let you know the business cards are beautiful!!! VERY happy with them and we’ll definitely be ordering the raised UV from you in the future when we need more. Thanks!”
Shelah Maul

“We got all of ours, but will use if we get it.  They look awesome and feel awesome!”
Eric @ Artifex10

“Thank you so very much for my fabulous business cards! The colors are so vibrant and the silk feel and look of the card is outstanding! With our exceptional business cards, our first impression is awesome!”
Samora Mendoza – Owner, By Design Events

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