Product Features

Quantity Per Set

Most of our business card products have a minimum run size of 200 per set. Please note that we are unable to split sets, so if you have 2 business cards to print you must order 2 sets of your desired quantity.


Card stock

Cardstock options are often product-specific and primarily encompass silk, glossy, synthetic, and translucent materials. Other cardstocks are available, so if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us.

In terms of thickness, 1 point or “1pt” translates into a thickness of 1/1000th of an inch. For example, a 10pt card measures 0.010″ and a 15pt card measures 0.015″.

Our cardstocks generally range from 9pt to 16pt depending upon the cardstock.  A typical average business card thickness is 10-12pt.  14-16pt is nice and thick.


Custom Cut

We can cut your business card to a variety of sizes, down in quarter-inch increments on the vertical and horizontal. Certain larger custom sizes are available up to postcard size. E-mail us your request.


Rounded Corners

Adding rounded corners to your print job provides a unique and classy look and feel. Rounded corners are standard cut at 1/8″.

You can choose to have 1, 2, 3, or all 4 corners rounded. If you select rounded corners and you want less than all 4 rounded, please let us know which corners you want rounded by sending us an email.



A perforation is a series of small holes done to a sheet of paper so that a section can tear easily over a straight line. Please view our file specs for processing instructions.


Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is where a metallic foil coating is applied on top of your card, to whatever areas you choose. Color options are red, blue, gold, silver or green. Please view our file specs for processing instructions. Please note that foil stamping can be applied to only one side of the card, and cannot be combined with embossing on a single card.



Embossing is when you elect to have certain parts of your card, like text or a logo, slightly raised by virtue of it getting pushed through from the opposite side of the card. So on one side of your card the desired areas would appear raised, and on the opposite side these same areas would appear recessed, much like a credit card. The embossed areas must be the same color as the background color. Please note that embossing can be applied to only one side of the card, and cannot be combined with foil stamping on a single card.

Please view our file specs for processing instructions.

Please note that embossing is different than spot UV, which is where certain areas of your business card are treated with a glossy coating. Spot UV is clear and does not impact the underlying colors – so unlike embossing, the spot UV areas can be any color you choose. The effect is that the treated areas would appear shiny relative to the non-glossy silk cardstock. To learn more about spot UV, click here.


Professional Business Card Design Service

If you already have your own design files, there is no need to select this option, even if you’re unsure if your files are in-spec.

We check all files when they come in to make sure they are in-spec and optimized for print. If there are any problems with your files, if possible we will correct them on our end. If we find we cannot work with your files, we will let you know what revisions are required.

However, if you are looking for full customization without the hassle of creating your own business card design files in the first place, we can help. We have professional graphic designers on-staff that can create new designs or re-fresh your current design.  The “full” design option includes two sides and up to two hours of professional design services.

If you just want a refresh of an existing print ready design, or if you need a your project fleshed out, choose the Basic Professional Design Service. This includes work on one side with up to an hour of professional design time.

If you select either option, we will contact you to begin the design process. If you have print ready graphics or logos, we can expertly place these elements on your card. When ready, we will email you a proof which you will either approve as-is or provide feedback.

Typically, the process takes only a few days. Once completed, your high-resolution, print-ready files are then yours to keep for this and all future printing needs.

Your money will be best spent if you give our designer a good idea of what you are looking for in your business card. Perhaps you can send another card whose design you liked. You can browse our templates for ideas. Remember, there are millions of designs, colors, and graphics in the design universe. Please help your own cause and give us a firm idea of what you want your new card to look like.

Occasionally a customer’s requirements do not fit neatly into these two categories.  If that’s the case, we’ll evaluate your needs and give you a custom quote.